Our Services


Human Resources Management

We offer a comprehensive bouquet of services across the functional or cross-functional Human Resource value chain, which includes but are not limited to, Strategic Human Resource Management, Workforce Planning, Talent Management / Succession Planning, Learning and Development, Remuneration and Reward, Change Management, Organisation Design, Employee Wellness, Employee Relations Management, Human Resource Risk Management and Human Resource Service Delivery Management.


Management of Poor Work Performance & Ill-Health

We provide guidance and assistance with dealing with poor work performance and ill-health incapacity in the workplace. We assist the employer to establish appropriate performance management systems and processes. We also advise on the appropriate procedure to be followed in order to terminate an employee’s employment on account of poor work performance or ill-health.

Employee Relations Management

Let us assist you with all your Employment Relations requirements. Our people have a wealth of experience in the management of individual relationships and collective relationships (i.e. the relationships with trade unions) within the organisation.

Our team’s diverse background (as former Human Resource Executives and/or Business Partners, Lawyers and Advocates) provides us with the necessary insights to effectively address disputes both internally within the company and also externally before the appropriate statutory bodies such as the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration and/or the Labour Court.

We help clients to appropriately manage their trade union relationships, develop and implement preventative measures to avoid strikes, dealing with organisational rights disputes, collective bargaining, strike management, lock-outs, etc.

We offer various conflict resolution programmes. In partnership with Goodman Wynn, we are also able to offer our clients the services of an experienced and accredited mediator.

We assist clients to manage their risks in line with their relevant risk tolerance levels.

Management of Discipline

We are able to provide various forms of support to our clients in order for them to effectively manage discipline in their workplaces. Our approach ensures that there is also a transfer of skills to the client. We assist with, amongst other things, the drafting of a disciplinary code and procedure, conducting the investigation into the allegations of misconduct, advising on the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken (e.g. counselling), drafting of warning letters, drafting of disciplinary charges, chairing the disciplinary hearings and/or appeal hearing. We ensure that the process followed complies with the requirements of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995.



We can review or draft your contracts of employment or independent contractor agreements. Let us review your contracts of employment to ensure that they are in compliance with the requirements of South African labour law and/or they meet the specific requirements of your business. We can also assess and advise you on your employment risks arising from any contracts and/or relationships.


We offer a variety of training and can adapt, in appropriate circumstances, our training material to incorporate the client’s specific requirements. Our flagship training is on the following topics: How to Initiate, Prosecute or Chair a Disciplinary Enquiry; How to Chair a Grievance Hearing; How to Manage Poor Work Performance and Chair a Poor Work Performance Hearing; The Role and Responsibilities of the Employment Equity Committee and Employer in terms of the Employment Equity Act.